Alan Colclough


  • Film/TV
  • Theatre
  • Photographic
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Roleplay
  • Corporate


  • Location:  Bournemouth
  • Height:  5'11" (180cms )
  • Build:  Medium
  • Age Range:  35 - 45
  • Nationality:  British
  • Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
  • Hair:  Brown, Medium
  • Eyes:  Blue


  • Accents: Dorset, Liverpool, Northern England, RP, South London, Welsh, Standard, Yorkshire, General American, Midwest Farm & Ranch, Southern American, French
  • Languages: English, British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Singing: Baritone
  • Dance: Contemporary
  • Combat: Stage Combat (SBFD Basic)
  • Vehicles: Standard Car Licence
  • Other: Devising, Directing, Improvisation, Script Writing, Workshops, Juggling (3 ball), Lighting Design, Stage Management


  • 2007 - 2009Bournemouth University - Contemporary Theatre Performance ( Fda Foundation Degree )
  • 2007Bournemouth University - Corporal Mime Workshop
  • 1993 - 1995The Academy Drama School, London - Acting
  • 1988Harrogate (White Rose) Theatre - Weekend Actors Course


Year Type Role(s) Production Company Director
2016TheatreThe Calvinu Family (5 Roles)TIME OF MY LIFEDramatic ProductionsTracy Murrey
2016MusicalGilbert ChilversBETTY BLUE EYESTheatre 2000Frank Ewins
2013TheatreTrevorBEDROOM FARCEDramatic ProductionsFrank Holden
2010TheatreQueen of HeartsALICE IN WONDERLAND (PANTOMIME)Castle PlayersAnn Lloyd
2009TheatrePerformerSTOCKING FILLERSDramatic ProductionsSasha Allen
2009TheatreDave2012 IN THE GARDEN OF THE CONSCIOUS PRESCENCE (WITHOUT DAVE)The Pockets ProgressionLaura Pocket
2008MusicalSingerAN EVENING OF NOEL AND COLESpotlight Theatre CompanyHelen Davison
2007TheatreMaxLEND ME A TENORCastle PlayersAnn Lloyd
2007TheatreNigel BrownFISH OUT OF WATERLight Relief Theatre CompanyAndrew Muir
2007TheatreDerekBRANCHING OUTCastle PlayersAnn Lloyd
2007TheatreJohnLASTLight Relief Theatre CompanyAndrew Muir
2007TheatreJohn - The SaviourLAST DANCEBournemouth UniversityAndrew Muir
2006TheatreGod 1 / TwistTHE GOOD PERSON OF BOSCOMBEBournemouth UniversityDavid Haworth
2006TheatreAdvocateA DREAM PLAYBournemouth UniversityCharles Lamb
2005TheatreEzra Pratt / VariousSECOND FROM LAST IN THE SACK RACECastle PlayersFrank Holden
2005TheatreEli Jenkins / VariousUNDER MILK WOODCastle PlayersJo Puttick
2005MusicalBert Healy / VariousANNIEFerdown PhoenixSarah Vandervelde
2004MusicalBuddyboyBLITZFerdown PhoenixSarah Vandervelde
2004TheatreGlennRUMOURSCastle PlayersFrank Holden
2004Theatre (Tour)Elder & Younger Wou'dbeTWIN RIVALSSwan TheatreGeoff Whipp
2003MusicalLuther BillisSOUTH PACIFICFerndown PhoenixSarah Vandervelde
2003TheatreOberonA MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMSwan TheatreGeoff Whipp
2003TheatreVariousOH WHAT A LOVELY WARCastle PlayersDenise Mallender
2002TheatreTrevorBEDROOM FARCECastle PlayersFrank Holden
2002TheatreEdgar / Poor TomKING LEARBOATJo Puttick
2002TheatreWeaselTHE ADVENTURES OF TOADCastle PlayersDenise Mallender
2001Film (Student)Man on PhoneSTATICBournemouth UniversityRory Lewcock
2001TheatreCrazeA PASSIONATE WOMANCastle PlayersTanya Alexander
2001TheatreDanTHE EXORCISMCastle PlayersDon Cherrett
2000TheatreFranklyn / VariousTHE CANTERBURY TALESCastle PlayersJo Puttick
2000TheatreCalibanTHE TEMPESTBOATMark France
2000TheatreThomas PutnamTHE CRUCIBLECastle PlayersDenise Mallender
2000TheatreIdle JackROBINSON CRUSOECastle PlayersMike Satchell
1999TheatreConnie CrusoeROBINSON CRUSOEOakdale PlayersChris Murrey
1999TheatreRochefortTHE THREE MUSKETEERSImpAct! TheatreDan Brian
1997TheatreBaylorLIE OF THE MINDThe AcademySam Healy
1995Theatre (Tour)Voice of Aladdin / Hotel PorterDEADLY EMBRACECorpus ProductionsRosalyn Elvin
1994Film (Short)PC EdwardsRED HERRING RED MOONScantori ProductionsFrank Scantori
1994CorporateCustomerGIVE US A CLUEDOSomerfieldGlynis Isom
1994TheatreSingerCHRISTMAS CONCERTCanal CafeLiz Blake
1993Film (Short)Craig MarshallTHE TRIBEThe AcademyTerry Gross
1993MusicalPit SingerHARLEQUIN SUMMER SHOWTIMEHarlequinRussell Richardson
1993Still PhotosAlan's MateALAN'S BABY HEARTACHEThe Sun (Dear Deidre
1993TheatreTom / VariousMOLL FLANDERSThe AcademyAlan McCormack
1993TheatreRonMASTERPIECESThe AcademyKeith Myers
1993TheatreFlamineoTHE WHITE DEVILThe AcademyPatrick Wilde
1992Film (Short)EmilTHE BIG TIMEThe AcademyPhil Parker
1992Film (Short)SteveCAROLANNEThe AcademyPhil Parker
1992Film (Short)TomFLEXIBLE FRIENDSThe AcademyPhil Parker
1992TheatreRonder / LestradeCONCEALED FROM SIGHTThe AcademyTim Reynolds
1992MusicalMab / VariousHAIRThe AcademyTim Reynolds
1992TheatreBrassilhov / KuryatinTHE GOOD DOCTORThe AcademyKeith Ducklin
1991TheatreBorachioMUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGBrownsea Open Air TheatreLin Denning
1991TheatreRogerOUTSIDE EDGECastle PlayersMike Satchell
1990TheatreSimon / VariousEXPOSURESDorset Theatre CompanyDan Brian
1990TheatreRoger DashwellWHODUNNIT?Castle PlayersJo Puttick
1990TheatreAbramROMEO & JULIETBrownsea Open Air TheatreJo Puttick
1990TheatreWaiterBETWEEN MOUTHFULSBHPChris Mellows
1989TheatreStuartGOSFORTHS FETEBHPChris Mellows
1989TheatreDerekDEAD MANS HANDBHPDon Cherrett