Molly Harvey


  • Film/TV
  • Theatre
  • Photographic
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Roleplay
  • Corporate


  • Location:  Dorset
  • Height:  5'6" (168cms )
  • Build:  Medium
  • Age Range:  26 - 32
  • Nationality:  British
  • Ethnicity:  White/Caucasian
  • Hair:  Brown, Long
  • Eyes:  Brown


  • Accents: Dorset, Essex, London, Northern England, RP, Somerset, Yorkshire, General American, Irish
  • Languages: English
  • Singing: Mezzo-Soprano
  • Dance: Contemporary, Jazz
  • Sports: Horse Riding, Swimming
  • Combat: Yes
  • Vehicles: Standard Car Licence
  • Other: Fire breathing, Improvisation


  • - 2010East 15 Acting School - 3yr Acting


Year Type Role(s) Production Company Director
2016TeacherDirector / Workshop Facilitator / Teacher / LeaderSTAGE COACH POOLEStage Coach PooleHazel Marks
2016RolePlayCatherine DibbleWHO KILLED FATHER CHRISTMASOrganise Events
2016RolePlaySally ScrubsREADING OF THE WILLOrganise Events
2015Theatre (Tour)Multi Roles in one woman musical comedyYOU HUMM IT I'LL PLAY ITFrantic TheatrePatrick Walsh
2015Theatre (Tour)Multi roles in one woman musical comedy showSLAPSTICK AND TICKLEFrantic TheatrePatrick Walsh
2015CorporateDollyMURDER MYSTERYOrganise EventsJames Coakes
2015CorporateMaleesMURDER MYSTERYAvant GardeRichard Hazelgrove
2015Theatre (Tour)WendyPETER PANM&M ProductionsMolly Harvey
2014MusicalLead SingerAPHRODITESAphrodites
2014Theatre (Tour)DirectorPETER PANM&M ProductionsMolly Harvey
2014Theatre (Tour)Tour Guide, Shaman, Great Baba, SuomiDR LIVINGSTONEForum TheatreEduard Costa
2014Theatre (Tour)AgathaDESTINATION LONDONForum TheatreEduard Costa
2014Theatre (Tour)AliceANIMALSForum TheatreEduard Costa
2013Theatre (Tour)DirectorSLEEPING BEAUTYM&M ProductionsMolly Harvey
2013Theatre (Tour)DirectorPETER PANM&M ProductionsMolly Harvey
2013TheatrePrivate LunarTHE KOSMIC KREWM&M ProductionsSelf Directed
2013Theatre (Tour)Education Liaison ExecutiveVIEWING ALL PRODUCTIONSM&M Productions
2013TheatreDirectorTOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDENM&M ProductionsMolly Harvey
2012TheatrePrincess Cup CakePRINCESS CUP CAKE AND THE SEARCH FOR THE FROSTY TIRAFunsters EntertainmentCast
2012Theatre (Tour)Peter Pan, Nana, Butch the PiratePETER PANM&M ProductionsChris Mitchell
2012Theatre (Tour)Hatty, Mrs Bartholemew, Mrs TrimbleTOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDENM&M ProductionsMarie Herron
2012Theatre (Tour)Auntie Gwen, Aunt Edith, Cousin James, MaidTOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDENM&M ProductionsSimon Richardson
2011Theatre (Tour)Mrs Potts, Scamper, Baker, EnchantressBEAUTY AND THE BEASTM&M ProductionsCraig Glover
2011Theatre (Tour)Thorin Oakenshield & TrollTHE HOBBITM&M ProductionsEdd Holloway
2010Theatre (Tour)Mrs Potts, Scamper & BakerBEAUTY AND THE BEASTM&M ProductionsEdd Holloway
2010TheatreMedeaMEDEAEast 15 Acting SchoolDevised + Amit Sharma
2010TheatreMorgan Le FaitTHE CROWN OF QUINTINPairshaped Theatre CompanyDevised
2010TheatreJoyce SliverstoneREAL BRITAIN (1950'S NOTTING HILL)East 15 Acting SchoolProfessor Leon Rubin
2009TheatreVocalist/Air StewardessWELCUM TU DE ISLANDEast 15 Acting SchoolAinslie Masterton / Self Devised
2009TheatreMrs John Maitland/Emily Smith/Grace StrandURCHINS!East 15 Acting SchoolJulian Hanby & Jules Tipton
2009TheatreSecurity Guard/Event OrganiserSOUTHEND-ON-SEABAYPeriplumDamien Wright
2009TheatreCircus/Clown/Actor/Commedia Dell'Arte PerformerPANDEMONIUMEast 15 Acting SchoolVarious Directors
2009TheatreArlechina/ZanniCOMMEDIA DELL'ARTEMime The GapRichard Knight
2009TheatrePuppeteerTHE FLOOPER TUPENSEast 15 Acting SchoolSteve Tiplady
2009TheatreIrene/Mrs Read/School ChildTHE WAY WE WEREAge ExchangeMalcolm Jones
2009TIEJoker (Forum)TORNEast 15 Acting SchoolJacqui Honess-Martin
2008MusicalVocalistAN EVENING OF CABERETEast 15 Acting SchoolStephen Douse
2008TheatrePlayback PerformerBACK AT YOUEast 15 Acting SchoolErene Kaptani
2008TheatreBosolaTHE DUCHESS OF MALFIEast 15 Acting SchoolHannah Kaye
2008TheatreDonnaBLOODEDEast 15 Acting SchoolRebecca Atknison-Lord
2006TheatrePearlTHE PIRATES OF THE BOAT SHOW AND THE SEARCH FOR THE MOTHER OF PEARLFunsters EntertainmentLisa Walsh / James Hewson